Courageous & Emerging Leadership Academy

“Building Minds and Saving Lives”

Youth Services

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Violence Prevention

Youth will learn how to handle abusive relationships, grief & loss, suicide and depression & violence.



Youth will participate in our educational services to help them exercise their intellectual muscles.  Their self-esteem educational programs empowers students with tutoring, skills & knowledge to build.


Community Development

Youth will evolve by making connections through community resources and will learn about the importance of volunteerism.

CELA Programs


Financial Literacy

BIZ KIDS is a program provided by Travis Credit Union for high school students to engage in building tools for the future.  Students will learn about social entrepreneurship, secrets to success, hidden careers and more!

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Wellness Program

BOXING WITH INSIGHT (BWI) is a pilot project, which has been established to implement the combination of mentoring, counseling, education, and therapeutic case management support, with boxing and physical arts training for youth between the ages of 8-24.

BWI enables youth to receive guidance designed to promote critical thinking while assisting youth to make and under­stand the decisions made concerning their lives.


Mentoring Program

Youth are required to participate in the Mentoring Program. Our adult volunteer mentors come from all walks of life and professions. They have years of steady work, business or professional exper­ience and life experience.